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Santa Fe BangleVideo Jewelry Tutorials

By Connie Fox

Videos may be viewed in a few different sizes and formats - however, some are available in only one format at the present time. Please click here for more information on your choices.

Tools Video  

Tools: Their Care And Usage - Flash Player Video

This is a 30+ minute multi section discussion/demonstration of the tools used in making wire and metal jewelry. These are only available in Adobe Flash Player format. Please see info below to install Flash Player on your computer.

Wrapped Eye Pin Video  

Wrapped Eye Pin - Flash Player Video

This is a 10:05 minute multi section demonstration of how to construct a wrapped eye pin. The above link is a video in Adobe Flash Player format. Please see info below to install Flash Player on your computer.

Other formats are below:

Wrapped Eye Pin - Large QuickTime Video (86 Megabytes)

Wrapped Eye Pin - Small QuickTime Video (28 Megabytes)

Video Format Information

If you need assistance, please email christine at

Each video is available in some different sizes and formats. your best choice will depend on your connection speed and what software and browser you have installed on your computer.

To view QuickTime videos, click on thumbnail or title. You must have QuickTime Player installed on your computer. QuickTime is available for free at and works on both Mac and Windows systems.

To view Flash version of the videos you must have Flash Player installed in your browser. Flash Player is available for free download from

Much thanks to Carol Marsella,, for shooting and editing the videos!


All videos, images, and text, Copyright 2008-2013. Connie Fox. All rights reserved.


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